Please find powerpoint presentations, visual formats and visual posters from SOL below.


No. Presentation By Related material
1. What is organizational learning? Thorkil Molly-Søholm, ass. Profess. Aalborg University

Article: Thorkil Molly-Søholm: ‘Action Learning Consulting - Strategisk proceskonsultation i teori og praksis’ (in Danish).

2. Strategic approaches to learning Bruce Britton

Presentation by Bruce Britton on video.

Article:Organisational Learning in NGOs: Creating Motives, Means and opportunity, 2005 (INTRAC)

Article: Learning Question Tool

Article: Reflective Practice

Outline: Learning Framework

Diagramme: Organisational learning cycle


No. Formats By

Learning Case Format

James Ede/StatusFlow
4.  Open Space Format James Ede/StatusFlow
5.  Learning Cycle Format Bruce Britton


No. Posters By
6. SOL Flow of Programme James Ede & Anne Madsen/StatusFlow
7.  Hosting and Harvesting Poster Rina Lauritzen Trautner, Globalt Fokus
8.  SOL Harvesting poster - workshop 1 James Ede & Anne Madsen/StatusFlow
9.  SOL Harvesting poster - workshop 2 James Ede & Anne Madsen/StatusFlow
10. SOL Harvesting poster - workshop 3 James Ede & Anne Madsen/StatusFlow
11.  World Cafe Mary Alice Arthur


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