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Global Focus is a Danish membership body for non-profit organizations (NGOs) working in international development.

Established in 2014 in a fusion of the two organizations NGO FORUM and Concord Danmark, Global Focus now has 78 member organizations ranging from large bodies with a world-wide presence to smaller, specialist organizations working in certain regions or with specific groups of people. Global Focus was established to strengthen the cooperation between the Danish organizations and facilitate active engagement between the Danish civil society organizations, the politicians and governmental bodies as well as the media. A board (the Coordinating Committee: KU) governs Global Focus, and makes sure that the organization is dynamic, visionary among others by coordinating strategic efforts. The coordinating Committee consists of seven member representatives chosen on the yearly general assembly. 



The overall vision for Global Focus is a more just and sustainable world in which people can live free from poverty and exercise their human rights, supported by a strong and diverse civil society.

Global Focus seeks to realize this vision by:

  • Contributing to the professional development, through strong coordination in order to optimize the capacity development of the Danish CSO environment.
  • Contributing to a common international engagement in European and global civil society networks and – movements
  • Creating an umbrella for information and common campaigns
  • Contributing to information and joint campaigning
  • Working for the members common interests in relation to Denmark, EU, UN.
  • Being a strong political voice, internationally and in the Danish debate regarding environmental- and development politics, also in the humanitarian field.