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Resilience tactics in closing civic spaces (København)
Onsdag 22 April 2020, 16:30 - 19:30

Target group

Organisations that work with civil society partners in contexts where civic space is under pressure.
This could be partners who experience that their political and civic rights are under threat and/or who are experiencing authorities and other actors surveilling, harassing, criminalizing, etc.



Participating in the course will give you inspiration to both aspects of analysis and responses to violations of political and civic rights that can hinder the continuous work.

We will seek tactics that address challenges related to:

  • Organisational resilience
  • Digital space and digital attacks
  • Other limitations on civil society in closing civic spaces



Governments and other actors are curtailing civil society, and attacking them on their organizational legitimacy and integrity, and in many cases attacking and harassing staff and activists directly.
How can organisations strengthen themselves to become more resilient as a response to such processes?
How can organisations become stronger at securing their staff, volunteers, activists, etc. before such incidences occur?
We will take point of departure in the global trends related to violations of political and civic rights to get a picture of the situation in different countries, and discuss possible response- and protection mechanisms.

Person in charge of the course

Advisors Anders Reimers Larsen and Souad Bourrid



Vartov, Opgang H, Farvergade 27, 1463 København K