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The HDP Nexus - A "golden" solution in climate change contexts?
Tirsdag 09 Februar 2021, 13:00 - 14:30

Recognised as arisk multiplier, conflict and climat e-relat ed risks amplify existing tensions, manifesting local level violence over critical natural resources and challenges the capacity and credibility of the political institutions. While the importance of joining humanit aria n, development and peace building efforts have been highlighted, it has proven much more difficult to implement the triple nexus in practice, especially when applied to fragile climate-affected contexts. Research and gat hering of good practices is much needed.

Although there is a strong push and appetite to engage in HDP-related interventions, the elephant in the room is that it can be hard to locate implemented engagements based on HDP/C designs - as of yet. We bring pract it ioners to the table and provide a space for discussion regarding the usability and operationalization of the HDP-nexus in contexts affected by climate change - perhaps fruitfully conceptualized as HDP/C nexus.

A panel discussion on coordinating and incentivizing multi stakeholder cooperation and prioritizing the differing mandates with:

Alexandra Priebe
(Evaluation Officer at World Food Programme in Ethiopia),

Liam Perret (Peacebuilding and Reconciliation Advisor at United Nations Development Programme)

The discussion and Q&A will be moderated by Lisbeth Pilegaard (Executive Director of Danish lnstitute for Parties and Democracy).


Where: Zoom Webinar - 


Registration: Free of charge. Prior registration is not required but encouraged to secure your spot. Simply follow the link to register or attend the webinar.

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