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Webinar: Syrian exile media – then, now and ahead
Onsdag 24 Marts 2021, 13:00 - 14:30

Join IMS for a discussion on the lessons learned, challenges and not least opportunities in the future for Syrian independent exile media


Since the 2011 uprising, a community of independent Syrian media organisations and institutions have emerged amid a war of unprecedented scope and complexity. The impacts of the war has forced the vast majority of the independent media organisations and institutions to leave Syria.


The sector embodies invaluable democratic and professional capital: The alternative and independent media sector now operating in exile has the potential to contribute to peace and reconciliation, accountability and transparency during Syria’s post-war period. However, without the right support, the Syrian independent exile media face an uncertain future.

In this webinar, experts researchers (and co-authors of IMS Briefing Paper “Syrian independent exile media”) and Syrian media professionals will discuss the opportunities and challenges of the country’s independent exile media as well as the important learning points that could be relevant to exile media all over the world.


The conversation will build on the recent IMS Briefing Paper “Syrian independent exile media”.


Where: the webinar will take place on Zoom. Registration is necessary in order to access the webinar.

Registration and more information:


Please note that the webinar will be recorded and a live translation in Arabic will be available.