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UNMUTE CIVIL SOCIETY -Inclusive and meaningful civil society participation at the UN in light of Covid-19 - 2nd webinar
Torsdag 03 Juni 2021, 15:00 - 16:30

Inclusion of civil society at UN meetings in the first half of 2021 
- Sharing good practices and common challenges 


Civil society from across countries, regions and thematic areas are invited to this webinar to share good practices and common challenges on inclusion of civil society at UN meetings in the first half of 2021. 


Civil society involved in the UN Environmental Assembly, Committee on World Food Security, Commission on the Status of Women, Regional Sustainable Development Forums and Forum for Financing for Development will come together to reflect on:

  1. What are the current challenges to inclusion and participation of civil society at UN meetings?

  2. How do we mobilise our knowledge and experience to extend inclusion and participation into other UN spaces, such as HLPF and UNGA, including making use of online formats for engagement? 

A group of CSOs, including A4SD, Forus, CIVICUS, TAP, CAN Together 2030, ISHR, SID, Global Focus, Action Aid and MGoS Coordination Mechanism will convene this dialogue as part of a series of webinars addressing inclusion at various UN meetings throughout 2021. 




Emilia Luisa Reyes, Equidad de Genero and Coordinator of the Women’s Working Group on FfD 


Sahar Moazami, Outright International 


Carmen Capriles, Reaccion Climatica 


Annie Namala, Wada Na Todo Abhiyan 


Nelya Rakhimova, Open School of Sustainable Development 


Alberta Guerra, ActionAid and Civil Society and Indigenous People’s Mechanism 


Jyotsna Mohan, Asia Development Alliance 




Philipp Schönrock, CEPEI


Translation in French and Spanish will be provided.