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LGBTQ+, Gender Norms, and Gender Based Violence (Seminar 3)
Onsdag 13 Oktober 2021, 09:00 - 14:30

Overall seminar objectives:

• To familiarize participants with the concepts of gender norms and gender-based violence through expert presentations and concrete examples

• To discuss the important relationship between violence and norms, power and privilege

• To provide insight on how to work through a norm-critical approach to reduce violence


Specific workshop objective:
• To discuss norms around LGBTQ+ and how these affect gender-based violence and discrimination
• To gain insight on specific methods to create access to justice for LGBTQ+ persons and reduce gender-based violence in local settings


Seminar 3. LGBTQ Gender Norms and Gender Based Violence


Participants: Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with an interest in exchanging experiences and methodological practices to promote gender equality and gain a greater knowledge of how to work through a norm critical approach


SOS Børnebyerne, Danner and AIDS-Fondet


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Sted : Zoom. Please follow this link to register:
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