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Workshop: Mitigating civic space attacks through digital security
Onsdag 02 Februar 2022, 12:30 - 16:00

CISU and Global Focus are together inviting you to a workshop on improving digital security on 2nd February from 12.30-4 pm Danish time. Throughout several years, the pressure on fundamental freedom rights have increased and thereby also the ability of civil society actors to carry out their activities. The need for initiatives that address this pressure on civil society engagement and operation is therefore increasing. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this trend has only exacerbated, affecting both Danish CSOs as well as their partners and alliances. As the work and activism taking place online are expanding, digital security is of growing concern to many organisations and activists.


With the purpose of strengthening civil society capacity to withstand civic space restrictions, the workshop will focus on concrete tools to enhance digital security and prevent possible attacks, including taking the necessary precautions to keep personal and organizational data safe from cyber-attacks and surveillance. The workshop is part of a series of workshops under the ‘Civic Space Curriculum’ initiative coordinated by CISU and Global Focus with the Civic Space Working Group focused on developing capacity of and experience sharing among Danish CSOs and their partners.


The workshop will be open to members of the Global Focus’ Civic Space Working Group, grant holders within CISU’s grant format ‘Strengthening Civic Space’, grant holders within Global Focus’ ‘Claim Your Space’ as well as partners of the members and grant holders.  


The workshop will be online - a link will be shared with participants prior to the workshop.


Please register for the workshop below before 31 January.


We ask you to fill in the country in which you are operating in order for us to get an overview of which time zones we will cover. If you are interested in the workshop but are not able to participate due to the scheduled time, kindly send an e-mail to Julie Arrildt on We will then try to provide an additional training at another time. Please also send an e-mail to Julie Arrildt on if you would prefer the training to be in another language than English, so we know if translation is needed.


If you have any questions to the workshop, please contact Julie Arrildt, Policy Advisor on Civic Space and Human Rights at Global Focus, on or Rikke Sig Hansen, Advisor at CISU on 

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