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SPA II reporting: understanding Value for Money 1/2
Torsdag 25 August 2022, 09:00 - 12:00

Globalt Fokus is inviting its SPA-members to a short process on Value for Money (VfM) in order to understand, learn and share with each other around the new reporting requirements. This will take place during two interactive meetings – one in August and one in September.


OBS. this is the first of two meetings on Value for Money. Sign up for the second meeting here.
OBS. the "calendar invitation" has a system error, which means that the time in outlook calendar may occur incorrectly - please note the correct time for both meetings are 9.00-12.00.



The first meeting will take place on Thursday the 25th of August at 9.00-12.00


This meeting will focus on sharing what we already know about VfM and learning from each other. We will also invite the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to an open dialogue around their expectations.


The tentative agenda for the meeting:

  • Presentations: Open call for Danish organisations to (in short) share what reflections they already have around VfM and dialogue between organisations
  • Open discussion with the MFA: what is relevant and what is expected? Is there a need for a common approach?



The second meeting will take place on Wednesday the 21st September at 9.00-12.00


This meeting is to hear about trends and learnings from international colleagues and talk about next steps going forward.

The tentative agenda for the meeting:

  • Presentation by 1-2 external speakers – suggestion are welcome.
  • Open discussion: what have we learned and where do we go from here?


We encourage members to reach out to Rebekka Blomqvist ( if you have any experience on Value for money that they would share during one of the two meetings. 


Both meetings will be in English and will take place in Salen at Globalt Fokus office on Rysensteensgade 3, 1564 København V.  


Please note that each meeting has its own registration. We encourage organization to send the same person to both meeting. You can find the registration for the second meeting here.


If you have any questions, please contact Rebekka Blomqvist (

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