Global Focus is an association of Danish non-governmental organizations that are engaged in global development, environmental and humanitarian activities. Global Focus represents 80 civil society organizations. Our aim is to facilitate cooperation, coordination and planning between them.


In a time of massive change and reorientation, the role of Global Focus is to be a relevant, focused, effective and unifying platform that, through networking and collaboration, strengthens the influence and capacity of a diverse civil society to promote a more just and sustainable world.



The judicial management of Global Focus is handled by the Coordinating Committee, which consists of members chosen by the general assembly. Besides the Coordinating Committee, Global Focus is build up by four member driven forums, formed on the basis of the organization’s primary focus and work areas. The four forums are CSO Forum, Politics Forum, Forum for Information and Campaigns and Forum for Capacity Development. Global Focus also has a Grants Committee, which processes applications for the pool for capacity developments initiatives and a secretariat that takes care of the daily work.


General Assembly

The general assembly is the highest authority of Global Focus. Here the members decide the general organizational and strategic framework for the work that Global Focus will focus on. It is also here that the members decide the political and strategic frames for the professional and political efforts including the work plans for the four forums. All Danish civil society organizations that can agree on the aims of Global Focus, and who have development, environmental and humanitarian activities, as a core area, can participate in the general assembly. Only members of Global Focus have the right to vote.

The general assembly takes place once a year around October.


The Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee consists of one chairperson, the chairpersons of the four forums, and 2 or 3 other members, depending if the chairperson also is chair of a forum. Additionally two substitute members have been chosen. All the members of the Coordinating Committee are chosen by the general assembly.